Are label printer issues casing a headache? Businesslabels support is ready to help!

Experiencing problems with your label printer?

If your label printer does not function properly, it’s often very annoying. Especially since label printers are often used in critical places that are crucial for business processes and there can’t stand still for to long periodes.
Businesslabels has knowledge and experience that helps to solve a problem quickly or even apply a work around remotely in case of a hardware problem so that you can continue quickly.
Often Businesslabels immediately looks at how this problem can be prevented in the future and looks with it’s customers if we have any other advice for the use of the label printer specifically for the application.

Who is the support and what are the possible costs?

In case of Businesslabels customers, support is in most cases free of charge, the only “Term” that is used in this case, also for the most loyal customer, is the “Fair Use Policy”.
This means that in that we do not charge any costs as long as we do not feel that it is being abused or if the support is so specialized or frequent that we have to deviate from it.
This only applies to remote support (by telephone and/or teamviewer)
Before we go into this, we always make a notification during or before the handling of the ticket that we have to charge for this.
From that moment on, the hours worked can be charged, which are made after this notification, unless agreed otherwise.
You can find the rates we apply at the bottom of this page.

What to do if you experience an error or problem with your printer

Before calling for support please complete this checklist, this solves about 75% of the problem and even if it doesn’t solve the problem it helps by obtaining some important information.

# 1 Check if the labels are loaded properly
# 2 Check if the printer gives an error message
# 3 Check if the printer is properly connected
# 4 Check if the printer is recognized by the computer
# 5 Check the printer queue for a message here and the jobs appear here
# 6 View troubleshooting in the manual or Technical Reference Guide
# 7 collect all information from the Checklist before contacting

What we can do

In addition to the training that we follow for the printers that we sell ourselves, we also have experience with other printers, where we can sometimes also give the right support or give advice for how & where to go best.
Hardware problems:
We follow the training required for the Epson & Godex printers required to provide service.
We are also always very passionate about going deeper and besides knowing where the steps are to understand the printer and its operation and to solve problems that are not documented or new.
Or let the printer work as it is not actually intended. (entirely at your own risk of course)
However, in some cases we use the services of other companies that are specially equipped for this.
And in many cases can help you faster, better and cheaper.
We often oversee these calls and help you or take over this request from you and forward our observations so that they can start your service call with a head start.
And sometimes also have an advisory and collaborative role with this party to assist with knowledge of the application and sometimes knowledge of management.
Software problems:
You can of course always come to us with questions or support for the software we supply.
But often we also find ourselves in a situation where a printer of ours is used in a software environment.
And if the problem is not immediately clear, we will find out where it goes wrong and whether it may be related to the printer or whether it is a problem with the software.
Often we check with our basic knowledge whether we can trace what the problem is, but often we still have to refer you to your software supplier.
Temporarily swap unit:
Depending on availability, we have a swap unit for some models that can be used by our customers in case of problems.
We can therefore often provide you with a printer from us for temporary use.
When your printer is gone for repair you have a temporary printer to continue on loan, depending on the specific case and customer there will be made a agreement about the costs.
Sometimes we do not have your printer as a loan unit or it is temporarily unavailable, in some cases we can lend you a comparable or different printer that still fits the needs for the time being.
Whether costs are charged depends on the printer, situation, period and usage.
Ask us about the possibilities and availability of the printers.

Common price rates

Remote support (teamviewer and/or phone)
€ 50 per hour
Hardware Repair (Parts Replacement / Maintenance / Diagnosis)
€ 60 per hour