Godex Mid-range labelprinter

Looking for a very affordable TT label printer without bells and whistles? This Godex ZX420 label printer is the simplest Mid-range printer with a very favorable purchase price. This label printer works with larger label rolls and prints with a resolution of 203 DPI and a speed of 152 mm per second. As a proof of reliability, this printer comes standard with a 5* year warranty.

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Godex ZX420 budget Mid-range label printer

Godex is a manufacturer of very reliable and affordable label printers. This is reflected in the standard 5-year warranty on all mid-range and industrial label printers. Godex supplies the free software GoLabel with all label printers, a very powerful and extensive label printing software package that can only be used with the Godex printers.

A Godex ZX420 is a relatively inexpensive mid-range thermal label printer. The ZX420 is a very reliable and extremely affordable label printer for applications where a desktop label printer is no longer sufficient. The Godex ZX420 is the stripped-down budget version of the Godex ZX420i .

Main features:

  • Standard 5 year warranty (printhead excluded)
  • Print resolution of 203 DPI
  • Only equipped with USB (B-type) connection
  • Print width up to 108 mm
  • Print both Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer
  • Automatic calibration function
  • Room for large roles

Included with the Godex ZX420

  • Free Golabel software package
  • Manual
  • Drivers (CD)
  • Power cable
  • Main device
  • Label roll
  • Transfer ribbon
  • USB cable

General information and explanation about the Godex ZX420

The Godez ZX420 is a very powerful and relatively inexpensive thermal label printer. The ZX420 (without “i”) is a stripped down and therefore cheaper version of the Godex ZX420i . The relatively compact size of the printer makes the Godex ZX420 easy to place on, for example, a packing table. The greater roll capacity compared to the desktop label printer ensures that the change of label rolls and transfer ribbons is kept to a minimum, resulting in optimal continuity. The Godex ZX420 falls under the ZX4 * series which consists of 4 models and is the mid-range series of the industrial Godex ZX1000i series. This Godex ZX420 is the simplest version and is not equipped with an ethernet connection or other connection options, only the USB type B connection is available with this printer version. This budget variant of the ZX420i also has no display. To this ZX420 and ZX420i there are 2 almost equal models available which have a print resolution of 300 DPI. These barcode label printers are the Godex ZX430 (without display and network connection) and the Godex ZX430i (the complete version).

Within the ZX4 * series from Godex, the Godex ZX420 is the printer version with a print resolution of 203 DPI and a maximum speed of 152 mm per second. The Godex ZX420 is ideal for industrial applications and other environments where it is preferable not to operate the printer using buttons on the device. Although this version is extremely affordable, Businesslabels advises in most cases to opt for the more extensive version, the Godex ZX420i. Because that version has a display, operating and solving faults is much easier, so that downtime can be kept to a minimum.The Godex ZX420 prints both Thermal Direct printer media and Thermal Transfer media using a Transfer ribbon (TT ribbons) . The Godex ZX420 uses TT ribbons with a core diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm) and a length of up to 450 meters.

If the label printer is mainly used for barcode labels or other labels that are printed with small letters, for example, Business labels recommend choosing the 300 DPI variant, the Godex ZX430i (or its budget variant, the ZX430 ).

Quality, trust and warranty

Godex proves with a standard warranty of 5 years on the mid-range and industrial printers that the label printers are of very high quality. The printhead warranty is limited to 6 months. The reason for this is that a thermal printer printhead like this is seen as a wear part and is relatively cheap and easy to replace. In addition, a thermal printhead is subject to wear determined by the label material used. The 5-year warranty applies to the entire printer and provides extra security, but above all a clear signal of confidence.

Available labels and other printer media

The Godex ZX420 can handle both Thermal Direct and Thermal transfer printer media with a roll width of up to 118 mm. In terms of roll size, the Godex ZX420 is extremely versatile because the printer can work with rolls on both small and large core. Business labels has an extensive range of printer media available, via the product finder it is easy to determine which printer media is suitable based on the printer. CLICK HERE for an overview of available printer media for the Godex ZX420.

Download drivers and software

The most recent drivers, tools and software are of course available via Businesslabels. Business labels are happy to send you the most recent versions, please contact us by email or telephone and we will ensure that you receive the necessary files as soon as possible. Of course, you can always contact us for advice and support at [email protected] and by telephone on +31 (0) 318 590 465.