Full-color wine label starterkit 102×76

Wine labels starter kit 102x76 mm

Easily print wine labels in full-color yourself with an extra luxurious look. Sounds tricky but is actually not that bad in practice if the right things are present. In addition to your own creativity and software for creating a beautiful design, you then need a print and good labels. You can find the color label printer and the hornblende labels here. With this start set for wine labels in color is complete and of course the specialists of Businesslabels are happy to help with setting up and using the printer.

  • The Wine Label 102×76 starter package consists of:
  • 1x Epson TM-C3500 label printer
  • 1x Complete ink set
  • 1x Mainenance box
  • 6x Roll DIW4 102x76mm wine labels from Diamondlabels


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Wine labels starter package – 102×76 mm

Printing personalized wine labels is an increasingly common application. With this complete package you can quickly start printing your own luxury wine labels in a format of 102×76 mm. Ideal for making business gifts.

Wine bottle labels demand appearance

A simple white label on a luxury wine bottle often does not give the desired look. A little bottle of wine has a luxurious look, often with a matte textured paper label. Exactly this type of label material is included in the wine label starter kit. The DIW4 from Diamondlabels is the best-selling label material for wine label printing.

In addition, such luxury labels must of course be able to be printed in color and remain neat under many circumstances. The combination of the Epson ColorWorks printers and the DIW4 from Diamondlabels provides a label with a luxurious appearance in color that remains neat on store shelves, wine climate cabinets and many other conditions that a wine bottle has to deal with.

Proof prints?

Suppose you are interested in the solution, but are unsure whether the printouts are really satisfactory. Then don’t worry, Businesslabels is happy to help you make a suitable choice. Feel free to send a PDF file with your wine label, we will make some test prints and send them to you.

Prefer a live demonstration at our office? Please contact us to make an appointment, we will be happy to let you experience all the possibilities under the guidance of an Epson specialist.
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The starter set is complete and consists of: