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Kenplaat printer voor de koeltechnische branch
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Print identification plates for refrigeration and other cooling systems according to the PED guidelines. With this starter set you are complete in one go and you can get started quickly and easily. For the composition of this starter set, account has been taken of the simple variation in the format of the identification plates. This starter set is suitable for users of R-flow online. At Businesslabels you buy at competitive prices and you are assured of optimal support, our customers can always call if things are not possible.


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Starter pack for printing identification plates for refrigeration installations

According to the European PED guidelines, all cooling installations must be provided with a identification plate. The identification plate must be drawn up in accordance with the applicable reasons and contains the technical data of the installation concerned. Think of the filling data such as pressure and gas type and in a number of cases an instruction card. Because a identification plate contains different data for each installation, rating plates have different sizes. In order to be able to print identification plates in a simple and flexible way, the printer in this starter package is equipped with a cutting unit, which cuts the label to the correct length, so only the width of the identification plate is fixed and the length of the printer can be flexibly used. format.

In cooperation with

The composition of this starter set for printing number plates was created in collaboration with Escape-online, the developer of the online software tool R-Flow online. This online software tool has been specifically developed for the refrigeration industry and offers a solution for F-gas administration and the creation of installation logs.

About the Godex RT730i

The included Godex RT730i is the most reliable and user-friendly TT label printer in many ways. This printer comes with a 3-year warranty as standard (with the exception of the printhead, which has a 6-month warranty). The label printer is equipped with a display and a reliable printing mechanism. Especially for printing identification plates, the printer is in this case provided by Businesslabels with a cutting unit and a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module is mainly integrated with a view to the future. The printer can be connected via USB as well as via a network cable. The printer is suitable for shared use in the office via the internal network, but also for direct USB connection to a laptop so that the service technician can also print on the go.
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The supplied label identification plate roll

It is of course very important that the printed identification plates remain legible for a long time. And that often in difficult circumstances where one installation is outside in all kinds of weather and the other is regularly cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents. That is why a roll (of 75 meters) of a specially selected material, the DTT26, is included. This strong silver material, in combination with the GRS945 ribbons from Godex, ensures a high-quality print result so that the nameplate remains legible.

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