Godex 2 inch barcode printer

The Godex RT230 is a compact and very reliable thermal label printer which is ideal for printing small barcode labels and small retail labels such as price labels. This label printer is standard equipped with an Ethernet connection. The maximum print speed is 102 mm per second and the print resolution of the RT230 is 300 DPI.

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Godex RT230 Thermal Transfer 2 inch barcode label printer

Godex is a manufacturer of very reliable and affordable label printers. This is reflected in the standard 3-year warranty on all desktop label printers. Godex supplies the free GoLabel software with all label printers, a very powerful and extensive label print and design software package that can only be used with the Godex printers.

The Godex RT230 is a very compact Thermal transfer printer for smaller barcode labels with a print resolution of 300 DPI and an innovative automatic calibration function.

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:

  • Standaard 3 jaar garantie (printkop uitgezonderd)
  • Print resolutie van 300 DPI
  • Standaard voorzien van Ethernet aansluiting
  • Printsnelheid van 102 mm per seconde
  • Printbreedte tot 56,9 mm
  • Print zowel Thermal Direct als Thermal Transfer
  • Automatische kalibratie functie

Key features:

  • Standard 3 year warranty (printhead excluded)
  • Print resolution of 300 DPI
  • Standard with Ethernet connection
  • Printspeed of 102 mm per second
  • Print width up to 56,9 mm
  • Print both Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer
  • Automatic calibration function

Whats in the box of the Godex RT230

  • Free Golabel software
  • Manual
  • Drivers (CD)
  • Power supply
  • Main unit
  • Label rol
  • USB cable

About the Godex RT230

The Godex RT230 is part of a complete series of desktop label printers from Godex. This series of label printers, the RT * series, is known for its pleasant design and high quality. In this label printer series, all models are available with and without display and in 2 different printer resolutions. In addition, the RT series is available in 2 different print widths, namely 2 inch (RT2 *) and as 4 inch (RT7 *) models.

The RT230 of this series is the barcode printer with a print resolution of 300 DPI, ideal for printing smaller labels with barcodes and small letter text. With the print resolution of 300 DPI, everything is legible on the label.

Where the counterpart, the Godex RT230i, has a use interface (display), this is not the case with the RT230. In a number of situations, such a display is not necessary, usually we are talking about situations where the printing process is largely or fully automated. In all other cases, Businesslabels recommends purchasing the variant with display, the Godex RT230i. This ensures greater ease of use and faster resolution of any faults and problems. The 4 inch and best-selling variant of the RT desktop label printer series is the Godex RT730i.

Godex proves with a standard 3-year warranty that the label printers are of high quality. The 6-month printhead warranty does not change this and is related to usage variations that can greatly affect the printhead life. Using Godex label printers has been made easier by the free but very powerful label designer software GoLabel.

Suitable printer media

Businesslabels offers a wide product range of printermedia such as labels and tickets for the Godex RT230. To get a quick and easy overview of printer media for the printer you can use the product finder tool, or CLICK HERE to go directly to the overview for this printer.

Drivers en software

You have come to the right place at Businesslabels for the Godex RT230 labelprinter and all related items. If you are looking for the latest drivers, firmware or associated software for setting up and using the Godex label printers, you can always contact us. You can also always contact us for advice and support at [email protected] or by phone on +31 (0) 318 590 465.