Godex DT41 budget label printer

The Godex DT41 is Godex’s budget thermal label printer. This entry-level model comes with an extra low price and therefore only has a USB connection and not a network connection. Despite the very low price of the Godex DT41, this printer still comes with a standard 3-year warranty. A proof of reliability.

The Godex DT41 is mainly used for printing labels in the transport sector such as parcel labels, address labels and pallet labels.

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Godex DT41 budget thermal label printer

Godex is a producer of very reliable and affordable label printers. This is reflected in, among other things, the standard 3-year warranty on all desktop label printers. Godex supplies all label printers with the free GoLabel software, a very powerful and extensive label printing software package that can only be used with Godex printers.

The Godex DT41 was marketed in 2021 as an entry-level model. The Godex DT41 is a stripped-down version of the Godex DT4X , so the DT41 is against the Godex standard in not equipped with ethernet but only with a USB connection. By removing small parts that not everyone uses, Godex has been able to make the Godex DT41 at a budget price level without compromising on reliability and quality.

The Godex DT41 is ideal for use as a label printer for transportation and other address labels, but of course many other applications are conceivable.

Main Features:

  • Standard 3 year warranty (printhead excluded)
  • Print resolution of 203 DPI
  • Only equipped with USB connection
  • Print speed of 127 mm per second
  • Print width up to 108 mm
  • Handy tear-off edge
  • Movable sensor

Included with the Godex DT41

  • Free Golabel software package
  • Manual
  • Drivers (CD)
  • Nutrition
  • Main Device
  • Label role
  • USB cable

General information and explanation about the Godex DT41

The Godex DT41 is a budget variant of the Godex DT4x . With this extra low-priced label printer for thermal label materials, Godex offers a label printer with an unprecedented low price without compromising on quality and thus reliability. The Godex DT41 also comes standard with a 3 year warranty.

In order to market a label printer of this quality for such a low price, Godex has chosen to omit a number of things. For example, the Godex DT41 is only equipped with a USB connection. Contrary to the Godex standard, it is therefore not equipped with an ethernet connection. The speed has also been reduced to 102 mm per second. Many users will hardly miss the omitted options, but if the printer has to be used in a network, it is better to choose the Godex DT4x.

As proof of the quality, Godex offers a standard 3-year warranty on all desktop label printers, the only exception is the printhead to which a 6-month warranty period applies. In addition, Godex offers a lot of extras such as the free GoLabel software and a lot of handy tools for easily belonging the printers.

A Godex DT41 is mainly used for shipping stamps, shipping labels and other package labels and is a real entry-level model. Because the DT41 can work with ZPL commands, this label printer can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems in almost all cases. For shipping label printing, Business Labels also offer economical starter packs .

Available labels and other printer media

The Godex DT41 can process label rolls made of Thermal Direct material. For a good and easy overview of materials that can be processed with the Godex DT1x, you can use the product finder CLICK HERE FOR A QUICK OVERVIEW .

Download drivers and software

If you are looking for the drivers, firmware or accompanying software for setting up and using the Godex DT4x, you can easily find them via the link below. Of course you can always contact us for advice and support via [email protected] and by telephone on +31 (0) 318 590 465.