Visitor badge starter pack TS

Multi-day conference badge start package

Conferences that last several days require visitor badges that are extra strong. The ExpoBadge 260TS badges with a badge size of 96×82 mm are extra strong and tear resistant. As a result, the visitor badge easily lasts several days and the congress visitor does not have to get a new badge every day. With the ExpoBadge start 260TS starter package you can start quickly and economically.
Test first? Feel free to ask for a demo printer.

  • Visitor badge starter package TS consists of:
  • 2x Epson C3500 badge printer
  • 2x Complete ink set
  • 2x Maintenance box
  • 4x ExpoBadge 260TS (2000 tear-resistant badges, 96×82 mm)


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Events starter pack – ExpoBadge 260TS

More and more event and congress organizers are discovering live full color visitor badge printing. With this complete package you can get started quickly with the tear resistant butterfly badges with a badge size of 96×82 mm, the ExpoBadge 260TS .

Event access requires color

Printing live event badges for trade fair access, parties and congresses creates short queues, this is well known. No more searching in a large container with pre-printed badges, but printing on demand at check-in. Often, however, the live printing of visitor badges is still in black and white and in some cases with pre-printed badges for color. The disadvantage of pre-printed badges? The amount of waste, nobody wants an event with pre-printed color badges and then be short, on average about 20% of the pre-printed badges are referred to the waste bin.

Using the butterfly badges of ExpoBadge and the Epson C3500 badge color printer the visitor badges can be easily and quickly printed in color. In addition to less waste, this achieves many other advantages, such as increased flexibility in designs per visitor or per visitor type or perhaps filling several conference rooms with one queue at the same time, with each room having its own badge design. Everything is possible when printing visitor badges with ExpoBadge products.

Live color printing

Replace the current thermal printers with a compact and reliable Epson Colorworks TM-C3500 color inkjet badge printer and combine them with the ExpoBadge from Diamondlabels and you can now easily print the event badges and tickets yourself in color. All badges you have left are blank and therefore suitable for the next event.

Test before purchase?

Suppose you are interested in the solution, but are unsure whether you can apply it within your application or environment. Let us allay the doubts. Feel free to ask for the possibilities, for advice or ask directly for a loan printer to test your application and environment and adjust it where necessary. We know that it works and that the market is increasingly demanding it. Now you still.

Prefer a live demonstration at our office? Contact us to make an appointment, we are happy to let you experience all the possibilities yourself under the guidance of an Epson specialist.
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Receive samples of the badges?

In addition to printing and testing the badge printer, it is of course nice to first see and feel the badges. Businesslabels has a complete ExpoBadge sample package available that we are happy to send. Send us an email with the address details and we will quickly arrange a free and non-binding ExpoBadge sample pack of the different badge types and in the letterbox.

The starter set is complete and consists of: