Zebra ZD500

Desktop Thermal Direct labelprinter met LINK OS

The Zebra ZD500 is a desktop label printer with the Zebra Link OS an neat operation system. This makes the printer easy to manage from anywhere in the world and with the extensive and generously supporting development kit it is easy to integrate in all kinds of applications.

A much-selling variant of the Zebra ZD500 is the ZD500R  which also has the ability to write and/or read RFID chips during printing. Unfortunately, this model only supports small rolls of TTR print ribbons of up to 74 meters. Businesslabels advice’s to use the Godex RT700i as an alternative for this printer.

  • Printing technique TD & TT (Thermisch direct en thermische overdracht)
  • Core 12.7 / 25.4 / 35 / 37.1 / 76 mm.
  • Media width Min. 19 mm, Max 108 mm
  • Max outside diameter 127 mm.
Zebra ZD500



19, 25, 38, 76, Fan-fold

19 - 108

66 - 127