Zebra ZD410D

Extra small desktop thermal direct labelprinter

De ZD410D is a Thermal Direct label printer for labels up to 2 inches  wide. This model of Zebra is similar in many ways to the Godex RT200 series. A number of differences include the fact that the Zebra ZD410D only prints TD. In addition, the Zebra printer is available both with and without ethernet where the Godex printers almost always standard they provide with such a connection.
The Zebra ZD410D is also regularly used for printing wristbands. There is also a  Thermal Transfer model of this printer under the name Zebra ZD410T

  • Printing technique Thermal Direct
  • Core 13 - 25,4 mm
  • Media width Min. 15 mm, Max 63 mm
  • Max outside diameter 127 mm.
Zebra ZD410D



19, 25

15 - 63

66 - 127