Godex HD830i

Industrial grade 8-inch barcode labelprinter

The Godex HD830i is a barcode label printer for labels with a width of more than 8 inches (203.2 mm) and a media width up to 10 inches (255 mm) making virtually no label size is out of reach. The robust design of this label printer along with the tilting display ensures that this label printer almost literally smiles at the user. Of course, the Godex HD830i also meets everything that can be expected from a Godex label printer. This Godex HD830i has a print resolution of  300 dpi  and a print speed of  102 mm per sec. Along with all ease of use such as car calibration, sufficient connection capabilities and the well-known Godex reliability a Godex HD830i is no environment too short.

The media sensor is centered and not fully adjustable to the side, ask for the sensor notch media for advice!

  • Printing technique Thermal Direct & Thermal Transfer
  • Core 38 - 76,2 mm
  • Media width Min 108 mm, Max 255 mm.
  • Max outside diameter 254 mm.
Godex HD830i



38, 76, Fan-fold

108 - 255

66 - Fan-fold