Godex EZ2050

Semi industrial labelprinter with metal casing

The Godex EZ2050  is a very wide deployable but above all reliable label printer. The EZ2000 series of Godex fell into the industrial category in the time of the Godex EZ2050. Although still available in 2020, this printer has already been followed up by the  Godex ZX1000i  series as an industrial printer and by the  Godex EZ2250i  series as a semi industrial counterpart.
With a print speed of  150mm per sec. and a resolution of  203 dpi  is the Godex EZ2050 to use in many applications. The Godex EZ2050 has a metal case and a very reliable print mechanism. The standard USB, Ethernet and serial connection provide sufficient connection capabilities.

  • Printing technique Thermal Direct & Thermal Transfer
  • Core 38 - 76,2 mm
  • Media width Min 25,4 mm, Max 118 mm.
  • Max outside diameter 203 mm.
Godex EZ2050



38, 76, Fan-fold

25 - 118

66 - 203