Godex EZ-2200 Plus + Ethernet

Semi industriële 4 inch etikettenprinter met metalen behuizing

The Godex EZ-2200 PLUS is a universally deployable industrial label printer. The EZ-2200 PLUS series from Godex falls just between mid-range models and real industrial models. With a print speed of 177.8mm per sec. and a resolution of  203 dpi  is to deploy the Godex EZ2200 series in many demanding applications without having to worry about continuity.

The Godex EZ-2200 PLUS is no longer available and has been followed up by the Godex EZ2250i printer. This successor has some improvements that will make the EZ series up to date.

  • Printing technique Thermal Direct & Thermal Transfer
  • Core 38 - 76,2 mm
  • Media width Min 25,4 mm, Max 118 mm.
  • Max outside diameter 203 mm.
Godex EZ-2200 Plus + Ethernet



38, 76, Fan-fold

25 - 118

66 - 203