Material : DTD02T

Top coated thermal paper with special adhesive for tires

The DTD02T from Diamondlabels is a high-quality thermal direct paper especially for temporary tire storage.
This high-quality top coated paper is top quality in every respect. The thermal paper guarantees an optimal and for thermal direct standard long-term printing. The special hot melt adhesive has been specifically developed for use on the rubber used in tires. This keeps the label attached for a long time, even on dirty car tires. In addition, the paper has a chemical barrier to prevent the label from becoming illegible due to the chemical reaction of the rubber. For the storage of winter and summer tires, thermal transfer labels are often used instead of thermal direct. Especially if the storage of the tires takes place in an environment that has very high temperature changes or high humidity, it is advisable to use TT labels to guarantee legibility.

Weight : 84 ± 4 g/m²
Thickness of paper : 87 ± 5 μm
Adhesive type : Extra strong hotmelt adhesive
Extra : Chemical barrier for use on tires
Service temparature : -25 to 60 °C (apply at > 5°C)