Material : DIB050R

Ultra removable inkjet B grade paper

The DIB050R from Diamondlabels is an ultra-removable material
The inkjet coating of this material is classified by Diamondlabels as “B-choice”. Nevertheless, it is actively fed as a material by the special adhesive. The special extra removable glue type ensures that the label can even be removed from fragile packaging, such as pre-printed medicine boxes, without leaving any traces or damage.
This makes the DIB050R suitable for applications where the removability of the label is of great importance and the print quality in terms of color yield is of minor importance. This material is therefore regularly used by pharmacies that label very expensive medicines so that, if not delivered, they can be returned to the shelf without incorrect or personal data from the initial recipient.

Weight : 68 g/m2
Approvals : ISEGA (for direct food contact)
Adhesive type : Ultra removable +