Material : DIA700Z

Inkjet, Silver high gloss plastic (PET) premium labels
With this unique high-gloss silver plastic label material you can print unique and eye-catching labels. The silver color of this material and transparent inks of your full-color label printer allow you to achieve special metallic colors, which means that unique and striking product labels are within reach. You can also create an effect to have a beautiful deep black label with metallic gold-colored details, so the product stands out easily among all other products.
Diamondlabels also has a silver paper material, which has a metallic luster and slightly more favorable pricing.
Silver inkjet paper with metal look DIA300
Weight : 70 ± 6 g/m²
Thickness : 100 ± 7 μm
Service temperature : -20°C to +80°C (apply at > 5°C)