Material : DIA400O

Inkjet, High Gloss Paper, Opaque Permanent adhesive
The product is the same as the DIA400 glossy paper with permanent adhesive, only the transparent adhesive has been replaced by a dark gray adhesive. This makes the label ideal for masking misprints on packaging and relabeling products in case of changes in regulations. Furthermore, the Glossy paper is of very high quality and specially selected for the pigment inks of the Epson Colorworks label printers.
The DIA400 series is available with different adhesive types:
Standard permanent adhesive: DIA400
Extra permanent High-tack glue: DIA400H
Adhesive for frozen temperatures: DIA400F
Removable adhesive: DIA400R
Weight : 86 (±4) g/m2
Thickness : 102 (±6) μm
Opacity : 87 (±3) %
Smoothness (fs) : 110 (±6) sec
CIE Whiteness (fs) : 155 (±6) %
Service temperature : -20°C to +80°C (apply at > 5°C)


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