Material : DIA400H

Premium inkjet coated glossy paper with extra permanent High-tack adhesive

Glossy paper with very high quality inkjet coating with special high tack glue.
The base paper DIA400 from Diamondlabels is the premium inkjet paper when it comes to fast drying and excellent quality prints in terms of resolution. Despite the good gloss value, the inkjet coating is open enough to quickly absorb ink and thus minimize bleeding (bleeding) of the ink. As a result, prints have a high color yield and brightness without sacrificing sharpness. Prints on DIA400 will therefore be razor sharp.
The special adhesive layer of the DIA400H ensures a fast and strong initial adhesion and an extremely strong final adhesion on many surfaces, even on very difficult surfaces the adhesive will adhere very well.
The DIA400 series is available with different adhesive types:
Standard permanent adhesive: DIA400
Removable adhesive: DIA400R
Adhesive for freezer applications: DIA400F
Opaque adhesive (blackout): DIA400O

Weight : 86 ± 4 g/m2
Thickness : 102 ± 6 μm
Adhesive type : High tack, extra permanent
Service temperature : -40 tot +65°C (aanbrengen vanaf -10°C)
Opacity : 87 ± 3 %
Glansmeting 60° (fs) : 45 ± 5 %


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