Material : DIA050R

Premium mat paper inkjet label with removable glue

Matte inkjet coated paper for Epson ColorWorks printers with removable acrylic adhesive.
The basis of the DIA050R is the DIA050 paper from Diamond labels, however the DIA050R does not have a permanent adhesive but a removable adhesive.
This special adhesive ensures trouble-free removal of the labels after application without leaving any visible traces. Often used for labels that should look nice but should not damage when removed. For example for packaging with medicines or special business gifts with your own photo or message or labels directly on a product so that they are easy to remove.
The paper gives a deep and beautiful color yield and a luxurious look. The paper is “extra” matte which can be described as “soft”. The matte DIA050 is versatile and is qualitatively the most high-quality matte inkjet paper from Diamond labels.
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Weight : 100 ± 10 g/m2
Thickness : 120 ± 10 μm
Opacity : >88 %
Smoothness (fs) : 100 ± 40 sec
CIE Whiteness (fs) : 95 (±5) %
Adhesive type : Removable, acrylic based
Service temperature : -20 to 80°C (apply at >5°C)