Material : DIA010R

Extra thin mat inkjet paperlabels with removable adhesive

Matte inkjet paper especially for applications with endless label rolls with easy to remove adhesive.
Endless rolls are label rolls that consist of only one long label and are cut to any desired length with the printer’s cutter. For example, for one application multiple label formats can be printed with 1 printer and 1 roll without changes.
This material is thinner than the other matte paper label materials we use. All this to extend the life of the printer’s blade and therefore make the solution more reliable in critical processes.

This material is similar to the DIA010 only with a removable adhesive.
Other types of matte inkjet paper include.
Standard mat inkjet paper DIA055
Premium mat inkjet paper DIA050

Weight : 70 (±6) g/m2
Thickness : 83 (±7) μm
Opacity : 88 (±3) %
Smoothness (fs) : 55 (±20) sec
CIE Whiteness (fs) : 155 (±5) %


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