Material : DIA010

Extra thin matte inkjet label material for endless rolls

The DIA010 from Diamondlabels is an extra thin matte inkjet paper specially developed for endless label rolls.
Since the DIA010 is an extra thin paper, more meters fit on a single roll, but the biggest advantage is the extra low load on the autocutter unit. The thin paper minimizes the load on the cutterblade and thus extends the life of the cutterunit and thus the printer. This makes the DIA010 a widely used and ideal material for endless rolls in practical applications. An endless roll is widely used for printing constantly changed label sizes without having to change rolls while still using 1 printer. The DIA010 is therefore a widely sold material for the Epson ColorWorks C3500 label printer where the DIA010 is used in both packaging applications and more practical applications such as in a logistics environment.
In addition to the DIA010, Diamondlabels have other types of matte inkjet label material for other applications, the most important of which are:
Premium extra mat inkjet paper DIA050
Standard mat inkjet paper DIA055

Weight : 70 (±6) g/m2
Thickness : 83 (±7) μm
Opacity : 88 (±3) %
Smoothness (fs) : 55 (±20) sec
CIE Whiteness (fs) : 155 (±5) %