Material : 1000D-tag

Thermal paper tags, Zebra original

The 1000D tag is Zebra’s budget thermal paper, also known as Z-Perform ™ 1000D
Original Zebra thermal paper is available in a wide range of sizes. The Zebra TD labels are basically available as 2 types, the 1000D is the budget friendly version and suitable for very short use such as shipping labels and discolored relatively quickly under the influence of sunlight, temperature and other influences. The 1000D-tag is the variant without glue, a label without glue is referred to as ticket or tag. With a thickness of only 100 microns, it is a fairly thin paper.
Z-Perform™ 2000D-tag is the slightly higher quality thermal ticket material from Zebra.

Thickness : 110 micron
Adhesive type : Non (tags)
Coating : ECO coat