A card printer at your own event

A card printer at your own event?

Are you going to organize an event and do you need a card printer to provide all your guests with a badge?
Business labels has the badge printer you are looking for! The ExpoBadge product from Diamondlabels are ideal for this. We are happy to tell you why.

ExpoBadges, how does it work?

The ExpoBadges are labels that you can easily and quickly print during the event. The card printer can print in full color, so that all your guests wear high quality badges. The cards are printed on the so-called ‘butterfly badges’, which are folded in half after printing. The badges will come out of the card printer in a beautiful, strong and waterproof manner.

Work quickly and efficiently

When working with several colleagues it is important that the card printer is very user-friendly. The ExpoBadges work optimally with the Epson TM-C3500 printer. The printer is very easy to use, so that everyone can work with the device. In addition, you naturally want to minimize waste during your event. Because you use the card printer on site, you will not have to print unnecessary badges, which means that you don’t waste anything. You will also see this reflected in the costs.

Epson TM-C3500

The label type is specially developed for the printer Epson TM-C3500. A handy printer of about 12 kg that you can easily take with you to your event. The printer is very user-friendly, making the badges easy to make.

Request a quote

Would you like to use such a card printer during your event? Or do you have other questions about which we can advise you. Request a quote without obligation by mail. We like to cooperate in finding the best solution for you!